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You’ve taken a yoga class before {or at least watched some videos on YouTube}, know how to do a down dog, and have moved through a modified sun salutation.

In this class, there will be a strong emphasis on alignment of the foundational poses as well as detailed teachings of the transitional movements in Vinyasa classes. This class is a Vinyasa class, so you can expect to flow from pose to pose, moving with your breath peacefully and rhythmically.

This class moves at a slow enough pace to understand basic principles but you’ll still feel like you got a little sweat on. It is a great place to start if you’re still working on the fluid transitions of sun salutations and the basic alignment of foundational poses.


Yoga is kinda your thing, sun salutations are your jam, and rolling out of bed into a side crow is what gets you going in the morning.

In this class, the sequences will be creative, free flowing, and dynamic and the music will be right there with you propelling you through this sweaty, moving meditation. Expect more advanced arm balances, inversions, and backbends that will be weaved together with nuanced seated posed, binds, and lotus variations.

This class moves and you’re ready to move along with it. Be ready to dive deeper into your practice and explore yoga physically, mentally, and spiritually.